Project Benefits

The construction and completion of the highway will bring many benefits to the people of the region and to the rest of Canada, such as:

  • More than 1,000 person years of employment and 40 long-term jobs will be created in the north, plus another 860 and 9 long-term jobs in other parts of Canada;
  • Residents of Tuktoyaktuk will benefit from a reduced cost of living (approximately $1.5 million in savings), as goods will be able to be shipped year-round;
  • ​Tourism is projected to increase by $2.7 million annually, creating 22 full-time equivalent jobs in the NWT;
  • Inuvik’s role as regional commercial and business hub will be strengthened and expanded;
  • Opportunities for family, social, recreational and sporting interactions will increase; and,
  • Residents will have improved access to health care, educational and economic opportunities.

The GNWT is committed to working with Aboriginal governments and businesses in the planning, design and development of this project